Oscar Material? — Daily Meditation Moment

February 19

“This is my Son, marked by my love. Listen to him.” Mark 9:7 (The Message Bible)

Today’s scripture is commonly known as the “the Transfiguration of Jesus” in which God reveals to Peter, James, and John that Jesus is someone special. I wish I could have been on top of the mountain that day with a video camera—to zoom in on Jesus as his clothes changed from a drab color to a shimmering, glistening white. To record God’s thunderous voice saying: “This is my Son, marked by my love. Listen to him.” Priceless! I’d get millions of hits on You Tube® and finally prove that Jesus really is the Son of God! Perhaps I’d write a screenplay that would be made into an Oscar award-winning movie!
On the way down the mountain, I d record Jesus telling his disciples: “Don’t tell a soul what you saw.”

However, at this point, I’d have to make a choice: delete this section of the video before uploading it to the website or pretend as if I had not heard Jesus’ request of secrecy and upload the video anyway.
However, Jesus continued: “After the Son of Man rises from the dead, you’re free to talk.” (Mark 9:9) At this point, I would have decided to delete the video—and all hopes for an Oscar. No one is going to believe that any human being will ever be raised from the dead.

Dear God, thank you for continuing to reveal your Son to us through stories in the bible. Amen.

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