Paving the Way — Daily Meditation Moment

October 13, 2012

“I’ll go ahead of you, clearing and paving the road.” Isaiah 45:2 (The Message Bible)

God chose Cyrus to go ahead and tame nations. He must have had faith in this one man to do such a big job. When folks are ordained as ministers of the word and sacrament, I’m guessing they take their vows in faith that God will clear and pave the roads ahead of them, too. It is with this kind of blind faith that we must go forward on any of the challenges we face in relationships, while raising our kids, and in our jobs.

It might be easier for me if I could see a big road grader or snowplow forging ahead on the highways of my faith journey to remind me that God is in control of my destiny. In the meanwhile, I will put on a hard hat and move onward.

Dear Lord, please fill the potholes and re-pave the roads when I begin to doubt my call to ministry to those who work in the church office. Amen

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