Pink Underwear

November 3, 2011

“The One on the Throne will pitch his tent there for them: no more hunger, no more thirst, and no more scorching heat.” Revelation 7:16 (The Message Bible)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the notorious Arizona sheriff of Maricopa County. Prisoners wear pink underwear and can be seen in chain gangs cleaning the roadsides around the county. His jails are crowded, and he puts overflow offenders in tents. When the temperature in the tent reached 138 degrees during a heat wave and the inmates complained, he told them: “It’s 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents and they didn’t commit any crimes, so shut your mouths.”

He gives his guests two meals a day and all the water they can drink. He doesn’t run his jail like a hotel and posted on his campaign website: “People shouldn’t live better in jail than they do on the outside. Here in my jails, they don’t.” Sheriff Joe is tough, but he keeps the crime down.

In Revelations the writer tells that in heaven God pitches tents “for those who come from great tribulation.” Unlike in Sheriff’s Joe’s encampment, everyone will be wearing white robes, have full tummies, and there will be no chains around their ankles.

Dear Lord, help those imprisoned in a destructive life find the path to your loving arms. Amen.

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