Precious — Daily Meditation Moment

January 1

“Simeon said to Mary his [Jesus] mother, ‘this child marks both the failure and the recovery of many in Israel.’’ Luke 2:33 (The Message Bible)

Simeon was blessing the infant according to customs established by Moses. And then he made the comment to Mary about this child’s extreme responsibility of saving the world. How overwhelming for a tiny baby!

My daughter Karen gave all the members of our family the same gift for Christmas, a book titled “The Book of Awakening” (Mark Nepo, 2000, Canari Press). It’s a #1 New York Times Bestseller and as Wayne Muller wrote in the foreword, this book is about how our lives are “made of days, so are days made of moments.” The day-by-day readings are a challenge to think about the simple truths and what really matters in our lives. The message for day one is “Precious Human Birth.” Synchronicity for the day between my study from the lectionary and this book!

Nepo says, “…today you are precious and rare and awake.” He is referring to how humans are unique over all of God’s creation and that we should “enter our day with the conscious intent of doing one thing that only humans can do.”

Today I will read my grandchildren a book about baby Jesus…the one who came to earth as a human being, but can do more than any other human.

Lord, give me insight this year as I study, learn, and grow in understanding myself as a human being, not just a human doing. Amen.

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