Raising Our Kids — Daily Meditation Moment

December 14

“He will convince parents to look after their children and children to look up to their parents.” Malachi 4:6 (The Message Bible)

Often conversation with my son include frustrations of being a parent—how to motivate his daughter, teach her to be respectful of her time, money, and with teachers, friends, and family. He has a good kid, but all kids challenges today that my son didn’t face as a child.

Children communicate differently today—through text, Facebook, and do so in words you won’t find in Webster’s Dictionary, yet. They have electronic games to chill out and play or to hide out from the world. They are expected to learn advanced math and to read tougher literature earlier than my kids did. They know more about sex, racism, and government. But they are still kids. They need parents to love and guide them through the process of growing up.

We never outgrow the need to learn and to grow as parents, and as children of God. I wish I could be more helpful in giving good advice to my son in child development, but the best advice comes from reading “The Message.”

Dear Lord, help us to be a positive influence on all children. Amen.

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