Reach for the Sky — Daily Meditation Moment

February 3

“He’s [God] not impressed with horsepower; the size of our muscles means little to him.” Psalm 147:10 (The Message Bible)

Before I climb out of bed each morning, I “stretch and bend and reach for the star” – just like a cat or dog does after napping. I had done this routine for over ten years, and then one day I thought that I didn’t want to do them anymore and quit. It saved me fifteen to twenty minutes, but cost me flexibility. My muscles have no memory and need to be constantly reminded that they need to stretch when I want them to.

God doesn’t care if my muscles are lithe and lean, but he cares about my faith strength. After my bed stretches, when my feet hit the floor, I begin my second set of stretches that begin with, “Dear Lord, thank you for this day. May I use it your glory.” I have enough time while I stretch for all my morning prayers. Once again, it has become a part of me—a good habit to flex my muscles for two good causes.

Dear Lord, let me stretch and bend and reach for you all day long! Amen.

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