Rescued by Her Own Son — Daily Meditation Moment

February 2
“It’s obvious, of course that he [Jesus] didn’t go to all this trouble for angels. It was for people like us…” Hebrews 2:16

As a mother, I want to make things better for my children. After all, they are my flesh and blood. It doesn’t matter that they are now over thirty, they are still my babies, and I still want to hold them when they are sick, cuddle them when they are down on life, and celebrate with them when their life is good.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, watched her child—her flesh and blood—grow, learn, laugh, and suffer as all mothers do. However, Mary knew Jesus was God’s baby—on loan to her to mother until the day he died. She followed him as he dragged the heavy cross of our sins to the hill where he hung until he died. Mary knew she couldn’t kiss his wounds and make it “all better.”

Jesus had been sent to earth to experience life in flesh and blood and to rescue his own mother and all who believe in eternal life.

Dear Father, help me remember that I must share my children with you. Amen.

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