Scatter-Brained — Daily Meditation Moment

May 3

“Wherever they were scattered, they preached the Message about Jesus.” Acts 8:1 (The Message Bible)

Today I am more scatter-brained than I usually am…. It started on the patio when I dug into my basket of devotional books and pulled out one titled “The Book of Awakenings,” by Mark Nepo (Conari Press 2000). It’s a book of daily insight to life—spiritual in nature, but not religious. Today’s message was about male and female energies, and I got lost in the first paragraph when Nepo wrote about male domination (over-rational and stoic, never showing our feelings), and feminine (our deeper creative, receptive energies). By the time, I got to the final paragraph and read, “The difference is between painting a bird and flying…I gave up and picked up my binoculars and watched the birds feasting on the barrel cactus in the backyard.

Perhaps God approves on scattering our thoughts. It’s when I set aside serious study and begin to focus in on nature that my thoughts fly around and land where I can best utilize them—writing these daily meditations, existing as part of a community, working on my future goals.

Thank you, Lord, for interruptions that feed my soul. Amen.

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