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“He [God] turned everything over to him [Jesus] so he could give it away.” John 3:35 The Message
“He’d give the shirt off his back,” is often said about a generous man. As a woman, I couldn’t literally give the blouse off my back without having a spare one in my purse!
The scripture referenced is speaking of non-tangible gifts—love, grace, peace, joy—all that God wants for his children.
I’ve been approached to be the presenter at a fairly major church event. “What are your fees?” the caller asked. When I replied, I heard a gasp—not because they are too high, but because they are far below the standard speaking price. I’m new on the national speaking circuit, and I told her that right now my goal is to use my gifts by getting up in front of other church employees and to inspire them in their calling. The money is not important.
Dear Lord, help me serve others with a loving heart. Amen.

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