Silent Mary — Daily Meditation Moment

January 2 “Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself.” Luke 2:19 (The Message Bible)

Today when a baby is born, within minutes someone with a smart phone takes a picture of the child and flashes it on all the social medias. A birth announcement is sent through e-mail, and grandparents, family, and friends watch the baby grow on Skype—staying connected across the miles.

I was thrilled to watch my first grandchild crawl through the use of a video camera and computer program, even though the slow and jerky movements made Mikaila look like a robot. Now, more sophisticated technology and speedier internet let’s me chat with my little grandsons through Skype. I get a “grandma fix” without the hugs and kisses, but I’m able to enjoy them from nearly 2,000 miles away.

Even if Mary had given birth to Jesus during these high-tech times, she would have refrained from the media show. She knew her place as the mother of the Savior. She carried the child and raised him to adulthood—the whole time knowing he was on loan to her from God. Silently she observed Jesus healing, teaching, and performing miracles—no fanfare for her as the mother. In her presence he died to save her and us from our sins. Appropriately, Mary has been given a place in the history of the Christian church as someone to be honored.

Dear Lord, let me remember to honor all new mothers. Amen.

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