Simplicity — Daily Meditation Moment

January 21

“Don’t complicate your lives unnecessarily. Keep it simple—in marriage, grief, joy, whatever.” 1 Corinthians 7:30 (The Message Bible)

A young mother with three children is in the midst of a crisis in her marriage. She’s convinced that she wants out—a divorce. Her waking hours are spent concentrating on working and taking care of her kids. She spends sleepless nights trying to figure out whether or not to “throw out the bum.”

Today’s scripture reminds us that life is complicated, and that we need to find ways to keep it simple. If I were to tell my young friend to keep her crisis simple, she’d laugh in my face, and then cry.

We can simplify rough times by sorting out what is important for the moment, the hour, and the day. We can discern how much information to share with others–a trusting a non-judgmental professional or friend with good listening skills who will not complicate your situation with their “should of or could of” theories. We can pull away from our concerns to spend a few minutes alone with God to count our blessings (which may be as basic as thanking God for shelter, food, a healthy body, family, friends, or that the dog didn’t pee on the floor) and to ask God to keep you wrapped tightly in his arms and to give you a sign of hope.

Dear Lord, simplify the path to receive your love and to find a sense of joy in my life today. Amen

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