Sleeping On the Job — Daily Meditation Moment

November 27

“You don’t want him showing up announced, with you asleep on the job.” Mark 36 (The Message Bible)
Jesus’ words were a warning to his disciples: “Sky and earth will wear out; my words won’t wear out.” (Vs. 31) Another way to say that Christ will return and be sure to have your bags packed.

Advent is upon us, and yet the scripture today forecasts the end of the earthly kingdom. According to Webster, Advent means “to come.” Webster also says Advent is the “Second coming – or a coming or arrival.” In the Christian church Advent is observed the four Sundays before Christmas. A time to watch, wait,

What this means to me is that as I prepare for Christmas—shopping for a new Christmas tree, decorating my home, buying gifts, and spending extra time in meditation—I am actually preparing for birth, death, and eternal life.

Dear Lord, help me adventure into Advent and use the weeks as a time to deepen my faith—not a time to sleep on the job. Amen

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