Squawking Praises to God

“Your love, God, is my song. And I’ll sing it.” Psalm 89:1 (The Message)

I’ve always loved to sing in church, until a few years ago when one Sunday morning I opened my mouth to hit a high note, and instead of a solid tone, I squawked like the Aflac duck! For years I’ve tried to find a range to sing within. Sometimes I’m an alto singing harmony; sometimes I’m a tenor or even a baritone. Singing praises to God has become a chore. Often I just close my eyes and listen to the words.

For the past two months I’ve struggled with congested ears. Amazingly enough, my voice has returned. My high notes are back with a solid tone, and the crackling sounds are gone. Perhaps when one of our senses is challenged, God frees another one up for his service.

My ears are finally clear again. I praise God for the return of sounds and freedom from the head noises. I haven’t tried singing yet. Sunday I’ll find out if I’ve been doubly blessed.

Dear God, even if my voice becomes challenged again, I’ll sing your praises forever. Amen.

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