Strength from Above — Daily Meditation Moment

January 5

“The mountain ranges skip like spring colts, the high ridges jump like wild kid goats.” Psalm 29:6 (The Message Bible)

The view of mountains from an airplane makes this passage come alive. Flying over the Rockies from several thousand feet above the ground, the mountains look playful—one could jump from ledge to ledge like stepping stones. From the airplane window, there is no sign of wildlife, but it is easy to imagine how the mountains are the playground for wild sheep and mountain lions.

The writer of this Psalm also uses other metaphors from nature to prove God’s strength: thunder-spitting fire, wilderness quakes, pelting rain, floodwaters. We see these acts of nature as being a negative influence in our lives—especially after the floods of 2011 along the Missouri River. This Psalm is not about devastation—it is about strength. God’s strength and how powerful he is that he can control the winds and the rain and cause the world to quake!

Dear God, your boldness and strength assure me that I can trust you to support me in all my trials. Amen.

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