Strut Your Stuff

Meditation Moment – June 28, 2011

“With all your peacock strutting, you are going to end up in the abyss.” Matthew 11:23 (The Message)

When visiting my daughter, Susan, at her home in Chico, California, I got my first opportunity to observe the habits and antics of peacocks. Someone had abandoned peacocks in the area and through reproduction a sizeable bevy inhabited the neighborhood.

The big birds roosted in trees, on top of fences, or huddled around bushes or buildings. It was amazing to watch the male peacock spread his feathers and strut around the yard. Why shouldn’t he strut and show off his stuff! But I wondered if the weight and spread of his feathers made him strut to balance his body.

In the scripture above, Jesus was referring to people he had tried his hardest to minister to, and they blew him off. Can you imagine that? Jesus didn’t strut his stuff. He moved around the territory with grace, in a slow, purposeful manner (at least that is how the movies depicted the movement of Jesus).

Dear God, help us to judge people by their merit, not by their appearance or demeanor. Amen.

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