“The Message” — Daily Meditation Moment

February 24
“From now on every road you travel will take you to God. Follow the Covenant signs; read the charted directions.” Psalm 25:10 (The Message Bible)

In April I’m quitting my job at The Church of the Palms. I’m not retiring—I’ve already tried that two other times, and it didn’t work for me. If God wills, I have many years of energy bottled and waiting to be opened and explored.

When I left the ELCA Grand Canyon Synod Office four years ago, Bishop Steve wrote a note in the leather-bound bible I received as a going-away gift: “As I like to say, there is no retirement from the life of following Jesus. May Eugene Peterson’s gift of “The Message” allow God’s voice to speak clearly as you begin the next chapter on the journey.”

“The Message” goes with me everywhere—either the hand-held or Kindle version. It will continue to be my guide as Glen and I begin another chapter of our lives—traveling in our RV for a few months. I look forward to making new friends and getting re-acquainted with former friends and relatives.And, with God’s help, I’ll be writing books and making presentations to inspire others in their faith journey.

When my earthly travels are over, “The Message” will lead me to my eternal home.

Thank you, God, for “The Message,”and for the gift of the Holy Spirit—the guideposts along the way. Amen.

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