The misplaced is found …

“God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him.” Psalm 46:1

wasteEarlier this week I was on a hunt to “find” Glen. I do know where Glen is, but what I didn’t know was where I stored a small black velvet bag with a pair-sized urn containing some of Glen’s ashes I planned to give to my son. For two days, I racked my brain and searched every bag, box, pocket, and container in my car and house. I was at the point of tears and scolded myself, “How could I misplace something so important?”

Yesterday morning, I remembered the advice of a coworker at church when I couldn’t find a key. “Linda, talk to God. Tell him you are getting forgetful and need help to find the key.” So, I uttered a prayer and searched the car one more time. I unzipped a small duffle bag, took out a pair of walking shoes, and then swiped my hand to one side and felt a furry object. Eureka! I found it! Then I remembered I had put the urn in my travel bag so I wouldn’t forget to take it to Iowa for Glen’s Celebration of Life event.

The next time I can’t find something, I will try to remain calm, retrace my steps, and replay the scene in my mind of the last time I saw the missing item.

Lord, help me stay calm and on target while on the hunt for lost items. Amen.

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I am a retired church office servant, a writer, speaker for conferences, events, and retreats, and advocate for those who work in the church office. I began writing seriously after winning the 2006 Guideposts Writer's Workshop and being published in "Guideposts" and "Angels on Earth" magazines. I have self-published two book, "The Donut Theory--Meditation and Inspiration for the Church Office" and "Humble Beginnings--Daily Meditation Moments". My other passion is family and traveling to visit family and friends.
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