The Spare Room

Be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless—cheerfully. 1 Peter 4:9
I’ve always believed that if I have been privileged enough to have a spare bedroom, it is there for a purpose.
One day our son came home and asked if Dave could come and stay with us for awhile. He was 17, and his parents had moved to Las Vegas and left him behind. My first thought was, If his own mother doesn’t want him, why would I? But the empty bedroom nagged at my heart, and we welcomed Dave to our home. A few years later Joe came. Our daughter brought this young man to our home with the same story—his mother didn’t want him—and once again I wondered why I would want him! But the empty bedroom was there and he moved in. Then Janina, our daughter’s best friend, lived with us for a year after her mother moved out of state. Our youngest daughter brought us Berkin and Andrea—both foreign exchange students and a gratifying experience.
Now, nearly fifteen years later, we are sheltering Amanda and all her personal possessions until she can get on her feet again.
Several of the young folks came to us with heavy burdens, boundary issues, and bad habits and only stayed about three months. When they no longer fit into our family’s lifestyle, we had to ask them to leave. I believe God brought these kids to us not to be adopted, but to mothered and fathered for awhile, and I did the best job I could.
It is my prayer, Lord, that all the kids we’ve sheltered in our home are in a better place in their lives today because you put them in our care for awhile. Amen

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