“There’s somthing about that name.”


“No one in your family is named that.” Luke 1:61 (The Message)

The scripture above is a line from the story about how John the Baptist was named. Neighbors and friends couldn’t understand how Elizabeth and Zachariah came up with the name John. They didn’t know it had been by Divine intervention.

Anyone who has ever named a child understands that the child has to live with the name the rest of his or her life. I gave a lot of consideration in naming my children names (Michael, Karen, Susan) easy to pronounce, spell, and not after a trendy soap opera star.

My father’s name is Askel Jesse Sampson. I can’t imagine looking at a seven-pound baby and cooing, “How are you doing, Askel?” His grandfather was named Askel, also. A few times I heard my dad tell the story about his name. His grandfather promised his parents, John and Jenny, that if they named their first-born son Askel, the child would be given $1,000 when he turned twenty-one. Unfortunately, my father was nineteen when Grandpa Askel died, and so did his hopes of receiving $1,000, a lot of money during the depression.

Dear Father, help us to look to you for guidance before taking the advice of those who have self-serving motives. Amen.

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