Toss them Away — Daily Meditation Moment

January 11

“They were far gone in disobedience and refused to listen to a thing their father [Eli] said.” 1 Samuel 2:25 (The Message Bible)

Eli had several sons who were considered “scoundrels,” because they had no respect for anyone or anything. Everything they saw they wanted and took to serve their own needs. Because they refused to change their ways, God decreed their death.

Actor/comedian Bill Cosby once said that a parent should raise their child until they are sixteen years old, throw them away, and start again. Anyone who has raised a teenager might agree with Cosby that it takes experience to raise a kid—and no one is given that luxury with their first child. And, what works with one child may not work with the next.

There have been books written about how to deal with rebellious kids using “tough love.” That’s how God deals with us, too. Fortunately, he no longer decrees our death and waits patiently for us to renew our spirit and to follow the path to a whole life with him.

Dear Lord, please help me live a life pleasing to you. Amen.

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