Turning Cartwheels for God — Daily Meditation Moment

December 22

“Let Wilderness turn cartwheels, animals come dance, put every tree in the forest in the choir.” Psalm 96:12 (The Message Bible)

This Psalm brought back memories of Junior High. I was tall, thin, and gangly—not a candidate for gymnastics or dancing. I loved sports and could outrun most of the boys in my class, but I hated gym class during the tumbling component. Every year I had to prove how I could not do a cartwheel or a somersault. My long legs and short torso would not cooperate.

Also during junior high, everyone took Arthur Murray dance classes as part of social development. Remembering the sight of fifty boys dressed in dress pants, shirts, and ties and fifty girls in dresses or skirts, painfully shuffling around the gym in an attempt to do the waltz or foxtrot now makes me smile. But as a thirteen-year old girl paired up with a boy whose head barely came up to my chin, I felt like a mighty oak tree being climbed.

In the Psalm above, the writer imagines nature and animals performing gymnastic routines, dances, and musical performances to praise God. What a glorious sight in my mind!

Dear Lord, may I have the last dance on earth with you? Amen.

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