Where’s the Rainbow? — Daily Meditation Moment

February 23

“I’m putting my rainbow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Genesis 9:12
God used the sign of a rainbow to promise Noah and his family that he would never flood the earth again. But it wasn’t only a promise to the people, it was to be God’s reminder of the promise he had made.

I sometimes ask God for signs when trying to make a decision, such as, “Should we be taking the motor home on our trip, Lord? I need a sign.”

With the price of gas climbing to record highs during the month of February, it overwhelms me to think of watching the dollar meter at the gas pump rise to new highs while filling the 50-gallon tank. When I mentioned this scenario to my pastor, he said, “You can’t judge the merit of taking your RV on the trip by the cost of the gas.” He’s right. To wake up in our own bed and make our own meals for four months outweighs the price of the trip. However, I will be scanning the skies after a storm for an affirmation rainbow.

Dear Lord, help me trust you that you will provide signs of your love and mercy throughout my life. Amen.

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