Worry — Who Me? — Daily Meditation Moment

February 29

“I’m awake all night – not a wink of sleep; I can’t even say what’s bothering me. I go over the days one by one, I ponder the years gone by.” Psalm 77:5,6 (The Message Bible)

How many of you can relate to the lines above? The sleeping-pill manufacturers are making big bucks on people who cannot sleep. I experience insomnia from time to time. My trouble getting to sleep is usually caused by something over-stimulating me before I go to bed. For example, I can’t do creative writing before going to bed. My head shuts down hours after the computer is put to sleep.

Worry robs sleep. I am doing a mini-seminar today at church for “Leap for Health Day.” My topic is about worry—how it not only robs one of sleep, it threatens to destroy the body, mind, and soul. Interestingly, no one ever dies from the lack of sleep, but it might shorten one’s life.

Someone once said, “There is not enough room in your heart for worry and prayer to exist at the same time.” It’s your choice.

Dear Lord, help me to be less anxious about things that I can’t resolve and to remember to pray about everything. Amen.

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