You Are My Sunshine — Daily Meditation Moment

December 30

“Praise God from heaven…praise him sun and moon, praise him, you morning stars…” Psalm 148:1,3 (The Message Bible)

When my daughter had her first child in New Jersey, we left behind sunny Arizona to spend five months helping to care for Nate. Since then she has had Mason, and because I don’t have the luxury of spending months helping to care for him, I vowed that I would never let more than a few months pass without seeing the boys.

Today’s my birthday, and my gift to myself is spending time in New Jersey for a few days to get in “grandma time.” The days have been cloudy and damp, and the only sunshine I have seen is in the bright smiles and playfulness of the one and three-year old little guys.

Nate has been waking up earlier and earlier each day, and finally his mommy said, “You can’t eat breakfast until the sun shines.” My first thought was, “Poor little guy, he’ll starve if he has to wait until the sun shines,” but he understands that through the clouds, the sun is shining, and he will be fed.

Yes, the sun does shine somewhere behind the clouds, but it is such a pleasure to see God’s greatness coming to us in the form of warm rays of sunshine.

Dear Lord, help us to praise you every day—especially during the cloudy ones. Amen.

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